3 Things to Look for in a Catering Service

Posted on: 20 February 2015

The catering service is one of the top determinants of the success of your event. Whether you are planning a wedding, graduation party or a corporate dinner, the catering service will be a major part of it. A party should reflect your sense of adventure and personality so you have to ensure you pick the right service. Here is what to watch out for in a catering services if you want to cross that burden off your list.

Understand your caterer's bounds

Knowing your caterer's limits will help you know how much you are to expect from them. There are luncheon, gourmet and full service caterers and you have to pick which category best fits your needs.

Luncheon caterers focus mostly on the food, keeping the selection simple and limited. Gourmet caterers are more creative, they have more knowledge of the foods and offer a wide selection of meals including cocktail and buffets. Full service event caterers don't only limit themselves on the meals, they also provide consultation services, coordination and even décor.

Have your goals in mind

You should have some information about the event and know what you are planning to achieve though it. Are there special guest you want to impress? Should the environment be wild and funky, or warm and cool? Give this information together with your proposed budget to the different catering services like http://www.redpearcatering.com.au and see if they are willing to work with it.

The best catering service should be ready to make your budget work and also meet your expectations. Get to know what additional services they are offering and how they will assist in meeting your goals while still keeping your budget in mind. However, the price you set may not the final one, other issues such as the venue of the event, any specific needs of your audience or any suggestion from the catering service may alter the price.

Deciding on the best

The budget you set and the feedback from the caterers will help you decide on the next move. The best caterers will provide a menu that offers both buffets and full course options and also meet any specific dietary or allergic concerns of your audience. At this point, they should be asking relevant questions and show enthusiasm about making your event be successful. Good caterers will also provide menu tastings to give you a feel of the kind of food that will be offered before the event is held.