Top tips for the best barbecued chicken

Posted on: 17 March 2015

Roast chicken is one of the tastiest meals there is but unfortunately not everyone cooks the meal to its full potential. It also one of the most abused meals with the outcome of a dark coating and fatty skin. A barbecued chicken needs to be cooked to attain a moist texture with a pleasant, tender feel and a smoky skin. Not everyone is able to pull that off. But that can change if you get a little bit of information. If you are planning a barbecue, then roll up your sleeves and give people the chicken they've never tasted before. Here's how to do that.

Use the sauce in the end

One of the main determinants of a tasty chicken is the saucing. When you apply the sauce certainly affects the texture and even look of your chicken. A major mistake people make is to sauce the chicken even before grilling. If you are looking for a crispy and golden brown appetising look, then sauce when the chicken is practically done.

Sauce prevents the Maillard reaction from fully taking place. This is the reaction that occurs between sugars and amino acids that create the browning and crispy effect. The sauce may even burn if it's done too early. Since it takes only a few minutes to bind to the skin, apply it once you're done or almost done grilling. You could spice rub your chicken and season it instead.

Use the sauce in the end

When barbecuing, don't be in a hurry. Give your chicken pieces time to embrace the slow heat. Using lower temperatures enables your chicken to slowly soak in the heat to the inner tissues and cook evenly on both the outside and inside. This will take much longer, probably two hours or more but the meal would certainly be worth the wait. Another advantage of this method has is that it allows the smoke from the grill to get deep into the flesh. This smoke is what accounts for majority of the pleasurable taste you get from a barbecued chicken.

Keep the chicken moist

Another trick you need to learn is keeping the chicken pieces moist. This will give them the soft tender texture. To keep it moist, try placing a pan of water under the grill so that as the water evaporates, it blends into the chicken and tenderises it. You can also use a salt water solution over your pieces and this maintains their moisture content through osmosis.  

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