How To Enjoy Take Away Pizza Conscious Free

Posted on: 24 July 2015

For many people, there is nothing quite as cozy as being at home and relaxing in front of the television to watch a favorite program. It can be a bit of an effort (sometimes) to get up and plan and cook a meal; the preferred option is to simply order a pizza. However, it is well known that some types of take away pizza can be high in fat and salts. But not all are; there are some artisan, traditional outlets that craft their pizzas. This article looks at some ways to make your take away pizza a little more healthy.

Switch Out The Fattening Cheddar Cheese

The first positive change you can make is to order an alternative to fatty cheeses. Instead of going for regular grated cheddar, ask for grated mozzarella instead. Partially skimmed mozzarella is tasty, yet low in fat and calories. Other lighter cheeses, such as feta cheese or Swiss cheese, can add flavour without drastically increasing fat levels. If you can only eat pizza with cheddar cheese, try locating an outlet that offers reduced fat cheddar cheese as a topping.

Use The Oregano

Oregano is a good source of vitamin K and antioxidants, both allowing the body to fight off infections. While it is true that the majority of outlets only use dried oregano, some other outlets will offer you fresh oregano. In fact, some pizza takeaways will offer some herbs, such as spinach (along with blue cheese as a topping) or fresh basil as standard. Take advantage of this and add in fresh herbs to the topping when you can; this will give the pizza some additional vitamins and nutrients.

Use A Whole-Meal Base

Although very uncommon until recently, it is possible to order a take away pizza that has a base made from whole-meal flour. This has been a direct result of the increasing number of people who have developed allergies to wheat and dairy products. In fact, the whole food industry has had to change to allow consumers to see exactly what foods may cause reactions — this is usually written in bold in the ingredients. As a result, you can switch the base of the pizza from white to whole-meal flour, thereby boosting the health value of the pizza further. Whole-meal has a whole host of health benefits compared to white flour, such as increased fibre content, wider and increased amounts of vitamins and its positive effect on blood sugar levels.

With some simple changes — and without sacrificing taste too much — a healthy balance can be struck when eating take away pizza, helping you to enjoy it conscious-free. And with restaurants like Pizza Inn Delivery offering quite extensive menus, you should have no problem putting together a take away pizza to fit your tastes.