Making the most out of the slow season

Posted on: 19 January 2017

Your restaurant business has been booming, your cuisines are selling fast, and you are contented with the way things are unfolding. Now when it's slow season or off peak time, when people aren't jamming your restaurant as much, is when you can pull out a number of good tricks and make the most out of the slow season. Let's see the few areas you may tap.

Cut costs

The biggest expense you can cut is labour. In most cases, restaurant owners are aware that they are approaching the slow season and therefore, what they can do is to re-arrange the work schedules of their employees. Rather than using several opening and closing attendants, schedule at least two strong attendants. What's more, cancel double shifts that translate into overtime.

Introduce new events

Something new in your restaurant will attract curious diners. Alternatives are many, from stand-up comedy to karaoke, from poetry slam to live music, there is a host of small-scale events folks like to attend. The essence is to create some sort of buzz about your restaurant. When you are the talk of town, you are more likely to draw in more diners. Bear in mind that these events could draw in diners, but your work is to make sure they enjoy the food.

Creative marketing

Use the slow season to introduce new marketing promotions. Introduce buy one get one free offers or a free desert when you buy any meal. The introduction of happy hours can also get your tables packed. Advertise these promotions on your social media pages so you have a bit of activity also taking place there, keeping it informative and interactive. Having said that, your restaurant database should have all your customers contact information. Send them text messages or emails from time to time about current offers.

Sweat deal

Take notice of what's surrounding your restaurant- colleges, sports stadium, and corporate offices and so on. Enter into a partnership with all these parties giving them whatever your restaurant has in store. Sooner rather than later, they are sure to convert into faithful patrons. Notable examples include, delivering lunch combos to business offices at a reduced price, giving resultant coupons worth a specific amount to winners in sporting activities, giving a free complimentary drink or beverage for each meal to university students, and the like.

Tidy up

During slow seasons, staffs are less busy. The downtime can be effectively used to get the restaurant in a sparkling clean state. Clean out food shelves, storages, restrooms and booths. Moreover, you can take advantage of this time to carry out any refurbishments you have deliberating on.