• Keto Friendly Restauranteur

    If you're planning on trying to strip body fat through a ketogenic diet, then you need to ensure that you plan your meals properly and hit the right macronutrient intake, especially if you're going to be eating out at restaurants. Eating away from home doesn't have to be the bane of a ketogenic nutrition programme; however, some careful attention needs to go into choosing the right combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
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  • Making the most out of the slow season

    Your restaurant business has been booming, your cuisines are selling fast, and you are contented with the way things are unfolding. Now when it's slow season or off peak time, when people aren't jamming your restaurant as much, is when you can pull out a number of good tricks and make the most out of the slow season. Let's see the few areas you may tap. Cut costs The biggest expense you can cut is labour.
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