Classy Mobile Catering Options for Your Engagement Party

Posted on: 10 June 2015

Getting engaged is a huge event in your life. If you both comes from large families and have many friends and family you want to invite the guest list for your party can easily become huge. Why not save some effort by having a mobile catering service? They can come to a great outdoor venue and so you can have a chance to spend time with all of your loved ones rather than trying to organise the food and drinks.

Here are some classy mobile catering options that can work well for engagement parties.

Wood fired pizza

On a cooler evening, a mobile wood fired pizza fan can be a great option. Pizza goes well with red wine and lends itself to a Mediterrean feel for a party. The pizza providers can either make pizzas to share in a family size, or small individual pizzas for the guests. This can be a great option if you have a large portion of vegetarians as you can switch the menu around to offer more tasty and vegetarian options than are often available for vegetarians at wedding events.

Be sure to check that they also have dairy and gluten-free options for guests with dietary restrictions, such as spelt bases and goats cheese. 

Satay barbeques

Satay is a popular street food in Malaysia and is an excellent choice for finger food. Squares of glutinous rice are served with sticks of meet and dipping sauces with spicy peanut flavouring. It can be a great option for a casual engagement party washed down with cold beers and soft drinks. Small carts can continually good batches of satay quickly, to keep your guests satisfied. Be sure to warn everyone that there will be peanuts involved, in case someone might have severe allergies.

American barbeque

If your guests are fans of the rockabilly scene and love everything vintage American barbeque with pulled pork buns, slow cooked ribs and slow cooked sloppy joes is a fun twist on the traditional burger and chips option. These meals can get a little messy so keep wipes on a hand and offer people the option of a novelty bib. It'll be bound to make for some fun and slightly different engagement party photo opportunities.

No matter what theme you choose, your guests will be excited to get to share this moment with you. Why not see what cool food trucks and mobile catering services are available in your area? Contact a few like Bookacook Mobile Catering to get a feel for your options.